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BMS Factory is 100% Canadian owned and operated. We are proud to offer you the very best in products and services. At our Brampton office you will find:

BMS Factory Building For almost eight years, BMS Factory has been producing high quality toys for the evolving adult novelty market. Steve Bannister, founder and CEO of BMS Factory has had a long-standing history in the industry. In 1983, he opened a small retail store in Toronto, Canada which sold quality adult products in a friendly and welcoming environment. In 1988, he branched into wholesale, and has since taken the company a step further into manufacturing some of the best intimate accessories available. With 9 stores, a massive warehouse in Ontario, Canada and a factory in China, BMS is officially a worldwide entity. Since its founding, BMS has worked hard to establish itself as a leading manufacturer by developing its most promising and time-tested technology, PowerBullet™. Starting as a basic but extremely powerful vibrating bullet, PowerBullet™ has evolved from a simplistic but effective form into many more advanced variations, and is now a brand in itself that has been used in various products industry-wide.

BMS Factory Showroom BMS Factory has worked with many leading brands over the past years to bring well-known products to the shelves that pack incredible power. Most recently, PowerBullet™ technology was incorporated into the Vanity by Jopen line of luxury vibrators in North America as well as Swan in Europe and Australia. These lines also boast another quality BMS Factory signature in being fully covered by a seamless silicone finish. Reception by consumers for both products has been outstanding to say the least as they continue to be best sellers.

Leaf Most recently, BMS Factory is revolutionizing the face of the luxury toy market once again with the launch of LEAF in November 2011. Intended to branch into a mostly unaddressed area of the market, LEAF will cater to women who are looking for a classy, natural feeling alternative which shies away from the normal taboos associated with sex toys. The entire LEAF collection is modeled after naturally occurring shapes which were then translated into products that offer maximum pleasure in a very discreet form. Much like Vanity and Swan, the LEAF collection is waterproof, rechargeable, and powered by custom PowerBullet™ motors to ensure that each model delivers the best experience possible.

Swan As much as BMS Factory strives to create products that match in beauty and functionality, the product’s marketing campaign is garnering just as much attention. LEAF has been given outstanding praise for its use of photographs and in-house designed advertisements. It is a very clean, simple, beautiful and sensual collection which is why posters and media portray that exact feeling. Venturing away from standard images of scantily dressed models or gratuitous nudity, BMS is leading the way with a luxurious and respectful campaign harnessing a clean, classy, warm and appealing look. (

Lux Following LEAF in November of 2011, BMS Factory launches another game-changing product. The Lux male stimulator will offer an intensely pleasurable experience designed just for him; the man with a taste for class and who wants to be in control his pleasure. Employing the same high quality silicone finish as LEAF and Swan, Lux will be launching with four models; three unique prostate massagers (including one that vibrates) as well as the most powerful vibrating ring on the market which has been specially designed for his pleasure as well as hers. Larger models are slated to be released soon after launch the initial launch. (

BMS Factory has emerged as the newest celebrity representing successful Canadian business. With a factory in China and numerous distributors around the world, BMS has been producing high quality products for adults which contain technology from the PowerBullet™ brand. PowerBullet™ is a trusted brand that guarantees the customer power and quality in all products with its logo. For more information, please visit .

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BMS Factory Showroom BMS Factory Showroom BMS Factory Showroom BMS Factory Showroom BMS Factory Showroom

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