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BMS Manufacturing Inquiry Information

Thank you for your inquiry!

Interested in manufacturing with us?

You’ve come to the right place. BMS Factory has been in the industry for over 17 years developing high-quality, body-safe pleasure products for the evolving adult novelty market. With leading, award-winning brands available through numerous distributors around the world, BMS is a trusted name.

Private Labeling and OEM

We are proud to service a variety of options for those looking to private label OEM products, source existing items or start from the ground up on a new design. We understand that all products need to be made of the best possible body-safe materials, work reliably and with ease, while also providing incredible value to its end-consumer. You can do this two ways: Go it alone or trust us to get the job done correctly.

Why BMS?

We have an amazing team both in Canada and in China. Between our two facilities, we will ensure that everything from A-Z is taken with care. Pay a slight premium and leave it confidently in our hands, including graphic design and shipping services. Everyone we have worked with; we continue to work with today. We’re that good! You’re the dreamer and we’ll help you bring those dreams to fruition. And speaking of dreams, sleep soundly at night knowing that your project, no matter what stage its in, is in good hands from start to finish.

Please visit for a complete listing of our current products and links to our premium brands.

Avoiding Importing Problems

You’ve invented a product and want to bring it to life, or you are looking for private labelling services. You decide to go through a factory you’ve had no prior history with… What could go wrong? Here is a list of common problems that could arise when working with a factory you don’t know:

  • • Defective product or packaging: this is very common.
  • • Supplier selection: Who can you trust? You don’t know the factories. Luckily, we do.
  • • Cost: being charged more than expected. Don’t know if you’re getting a good deal? Not to worry, we know prices.
  • • Communication problems: Most of our team members overseas speak English
  • • Quality: Not getting the proper inspection and testing done and are unfamiliar with the quality standards. This results in sometimes the product is too noisy or just simply doesn’t work.
  • • Long waiting times: You were promised 2-3 months, and it’s now been 6.
  • • Safe Materials: Especially in the adult industry, the materials used in a product are very important. In fact, if improper or sub-par quality materials are used in a product, you can face issues importing or selling in different markets, such as Europe or USA (specifically California).


What We Can Do

Do you really want to use a factory who simply emailed you or searched you?

Why run the risk of going to other factories where the chances of running into the above problems are high? We work closely with trusted factories in China with 20 mostly English-speaking employees who are solely dedicated to product production, inspection, and regulation, and are available to communicate with you directly along the way. Protect your money and your investment with product that goes through a rigorous inspection process and gets to you in a timely fashion. We will ensure the product is in the best shape possible, including working properly, prior to launching it for the world to see.

Avoid costly mistakes. This is what we do daily, and we get it done right!

Our Services

  1. Private Labelling:

Please visit for a full line of our products available to be modified or white labelled

  • • Thoroughly explain your inquiry and we will get back to you promptly with options.
  • • Lead time ranges from 3-4 months, depending on what is changed and the approval process.
  • • Product costs are dependent final product and quantity ordered.


  1. Sourcing Non BMS Products:

BMS can source anything in China. Looking for a particular product? We can get it for you!

  • • Lead time ranges from 3-4 months, depending on what is changed and the approval process.
  • • Product costs are dependent on final product and quantity ordered.


  1. New Product Design:

We are happy to work with you on packaging and can assist in product design (we prefer you have your own design prior to this process)

  • • Lead time ranges from 3-4 months, depending on what is changed and the approval process.
  • • Product costs are dependent on final product and quantity ordered.


Contact Us

Contact us today at any of the following numbers for any further inquiries, we’re happy to answer all of your questions!


Steve Bannister: (416) 278-6651                            Email:

Gordon Bannister: (647) 961-7771 Email:

Maggie N: (905) 793-6400 Ext. 235           Email:


Take it from a company that has been through it all before and has learned from the process. At the end of the day, it’s not wise to take any chances and we want to ensure your success.

If you’re ready to take that next step, we kindly ask that you download sign and submit the NDA below and someone from our team will be in contact with you in no time! 


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