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Mega Booty Beads Pink

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Booty Beads: The Ultimate Sex Toy
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SKU: 3712-16
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Mega Booty Beads


Length: Full length 30.5cm, Beaded Section 20cm
Width: Top 2.5cm, Beads 2cm
Circumference/Girth: Top 7.5cm, Beads 7cm
Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Cote
Functions: Multi-speed 
Powered by: 1 AA battery (not included)
Special Features: Multi-speed, Waterproof, Bendable, Easily Cleaned 

Package Dimensions: 26cm l x 15cm w x 4cm d
Package Weight: 136g
Case Quantity: 96
Inner Case Quantity: 24
Case Size: 26" x 21" x 13"
Case Weight: 32lb
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Rubber Cote
  • Powered By: 1 AA Battery
Mega Booty Beads
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