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Product Manual for The Swan Hug

The Swan Hug
All SWAN products are powered by PowerBullet®†.

†Top brands from around the world trust PowerBullet® technology to provide the deepest and most intense vibrations in their products. For more information, visit

Featuring an entirely new way to experience your body, The Swan Kiss is a revolution of pleasure. Easier than ever to use, with an intuitive and simple control system. Simply put, the stronger you will squeeze, the more it will please. Its compact form is perfect for on-the-go fun and portability. Cute and incredibly satisfying, The Swan Kiss is the perfect blend of power and pleasure. The vibrations for The Swan Kiss occur through the intuitive “Squeeze Me“ technology.

On/Off Control: You can turn your SWAN on and off by pressing and holding both buttons down for 3
seconds until you feel 2 quick vibrations. If at any time during the process, the LED light on the side goes
out, stop pressing the buttons and start over. The LED light above the button will blink slowly to indicate
once the SWAN is on. Repeat the process to turn it off at any time. It is important to make sure that your
SWAN is OFF after every use to prolong battery life.

Choosing Your Vibration: This SWAN features 2 vibration points that can be used simultaneously,
alternating between one another or each on their own – depending on your mood. Choose which
vibration source to use by quickly pressing button 2. The vibration sources will cycle in this order: Main
and Clitoral > Clitoral only > Main only > Alternate between both sources. These will be shown by
corresponding LED lights near the buttons.

Vibration Modes: This SWAN has 2 different ways to use it as described below. To change from Free-
Squeeze mode to Mimic Mode, ensure that the SWAN is not vibrating. When the SWAN is first turned on, it
will be in Free-Squeeze Mode.

Free-Squeeze Mode: Free-Squeeze lets you enjoy your SWAN as you like it. Position the tip of the SWAN
where you want and then squeeze the sides around the buttons. The softer you squeeze, the softer the
vibration – the stronger you squeeze, the stronger the vibration. In this mode, the LED light will slowly fade
in and out when it is on and will be solid while vibrating.

In Free-Squeeze Mode, you are able to Speed Lock the vibration to a constant speed. First, find the
vibration intensity you want and then quickly press button 1 while maintaining the desired speed. The
vibration will stay at this speed until you press the button again. Once the button is pressed again, your
SWAN will return to regular Free-Squeeze Mode. You may also change the source of your vibration while
using the Speed Lock by pressing button 2 as described above in the ‘Choosing Your Vibration’ section.

Mimic Mode: Enter Mimic Mode while the unit is not vibrating in Free-
Squeeze Mode by pressing the top button. In Mimic mode, you are free
to design your own vibration pattern in a fun and simple way. Create your
vibration by squeezing the sides around the button whichever way you
would like for up to 20 seconds. While you are designing your vibration
pattern, the top LED light will quickly blink as it waits for input. Once the
vibrator has detected a period of 3 seconds with no input, your vibration
pattern, as you made it, will begin to repeat itself and the LED light will turn
solid. If you do not squeeze at all, it will return to Free-Squeeze Mode after
7 seconds.

Please Note: Once you click the button to leave this mode, your saved vibration will be erased.
To enter the next mode, quickly press the button.

Auto OFF Feature: This product also features a power saving Auto Off feature. After 30 minutes of
inactivity, your SWAN will automatically turn itself off to preserve battery life allowing you to enjoy it
more often between charges. Turn it on by pressing and holding both buttons for 3 seconds until you
feel your SWAN quickly vibrate

All SWAN products are powered by PowerBullet®†.

†Top brands from around the world trust PowerBullet® technology to provide the deepest and most
intense vibrations in their products. For more information, visit

Charging: Plug the USB cord into the SWAN and charge for at least 3 hours. The side LED charging light
will pulse while it is charging. When it is fully charged, the light will disappear. Once the product has
completed charging and is unplugged, it will already be on and ready for use. Please Note: Some USB
chargers may recharge at a slower rate. If you would like a full charge, always make sure the charging light
has disappeared.

Your SWAN product is powered by a lithium battery which is the best battery available for our SWAN line
of products. Please refer to the specifications page for detailed charging times.

If the SWAN will not be used for long periods of time, the battery should be recharged at least once
every three months. Only charge with the USB cord provided. Your unit will not operate while charging,
and will automatically be turned on when unplugged.

Lubricants: When using directly on the skin, we suggest you use a lubricant for the most pleasure. Always 
choose a water-based lubricant as other types may deteriorate the silicone finish.

Cleaning: Wash your product before and after use. SWAN is easy to care for. Wash it with mild soap and 
water before and after each use. SWAN products will dry quickly after washing (since silicone repels water, 
most of the water will run off ). The seamless design of SWAN will protect you against any bacteria usually 
found between seams. Do not use any type of solvent such as alcohol or benzene, which may damage not 
only the finish, but the product itself. Avoid extreme heat. After submerging, always let the product dry 
thoroughly before recharging. It’s best to keep your SWAN product in a dust free location, and away from 
contact with any other similar materials or products.

Do not use if the silicone appears broken or damaged.

Health and Safety Precautions:
Do not charge near water.
Do not charge if the USB cord appears damaged. 
Do not put the product in the dishwasher or microwave because it will damage your product and void
the warranty.
Do not use other USB cords with your product if you have lost the one provided. 
Contact for more information about adaptors. As USB
wall charging adapters vary by country, be sure to use the proper one for your area. Do not use the
product while it is charging.

This product is sold as a novelty only. It is not intended for medical applications or any use that has an
adverse aff ect on any function of the body. Use a toy cleaner for all your cleaning needs, before and after

To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing physical conditions, this device should not be used on
swollen or inflamed areas of skin. Wash before and after use. Do not share with other sexual partners.
Help to prevent other sexual diseases through the use of condoms, sexual education, proper judgment
and rigorous, diligent care. Never let children play with this product. In case of pregnancy, diabetes or
illness, consult your physician before use. SWAN products are powerful due to PowerBullet® technology
and are intended to be used for pleasure. Should any discomfort or pain result, consult your physician.

When travelling, always make sure your SWAN has been properly turned off using the On/Off Control
instructions in this manual.


I have to press very hard on the pressure sensitive areas for the product to vibrate.

• The internal sensors need to be recalibrated. Turn the product on/o. using the instructions in the “On/Off Control” section of this manual.

There are no vibrations when I apply pressure to the vibrator.

• The vibrator is running low on charge or power. Charge it by inserting the USB cord into the charge connector. Charge for a minimum of approximately 30 minutes.
• Unit is off. Follow the On/O. Control instructions in this manual to turn on.
• Be sure to apply pressure to the pressure sensitive areas. Refer to the diagram in this manual.

How do I increase the intensity of the vibrations?

• You can increase speed by applying a stronger squeeze to the Pressure Sensitive Areas.

The Auto Off will not activate.

• The Automatic Off won’t activate unless the vibrator is left untouched for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The vibrator goes on by itself.

• Unit needs to be turned off; otherwise it will go on at the slightest touch as a minimal vibration.

The LED light does not go on.

• The vibrator is running low on charge or power. Charge it by inserting the USB cord into the charge connection port on your SWAN and either a USB wall adapter or USB port on your computer.

I dropped the vibrator, is it broken?

• Like all electronic devices, SWAN is a delicate product that can get damaged internally. It is possible that your vibrator could be broken. To test it, turn it off, plug the adaptor into the charge connection port, charge the device and check its performance.

My vibrator is taking longer than indicated to charge.

• USB charging is very advanced and can act as a fast and convenient method to charge your SWAN. In some rare cases, charging may take longer in certain power sources than others. Please be advised that for maximum results, it is suggested to plug the USB charging cable into a USB 2.0 or higher wall adapter for your region. Charging in a computer USB adapter is still effective, but may require a longer period of time to achieve a full charge.


All SWAN products offer a complimentary 1-year limited warranty for any defects in materials and workmanship from the date of original retail purchase. This is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of the purchased product and does not cover damage or tears and rips in the silicone caused by physical or natural destruction, misuse, or other external causes. Any attempt to disassemble the SWAN product will result in the withdrawal of warranty privileges. The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs along with proof of date of purchase (hold on to your receipt). SWAN must be notified about your return item before sending out the product.

SWAN reserves the right to refuse and return damaged items that do not follow the above description after inspecting the returned item. All shipping, importing, and returning costs are non-refundable and will be charged to the customer. If SWAN decides to replace the component, the replacement will not extend the life of this warranty. SWAN will not accept any additional charges for work performed by the customer or a third party unless it is authorized by All SWAN products are sold as novelty items only.


SWAN is proud to provide an extended 10-year guarantee to its very appreciated customers. Register at the SWAN website within one year of your original purchase and you will have a 10-year quality guarantee in addition to our 1-year warranty. The 10-year guarantee provides you with an unbelievable 50% off on your purchase of a new product of equal or lesser value. We are aware that products do not last forever, so we will do our best to ensure you love our products as well as our company. Special offer restricted to a one-time only basis. Therefore, the new discounted item will not include a warranty.

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