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Product Manual for Ultimate Personal Trimmer

Ultimate Personal Trimmer
1 "AA" battery required.

•  Portable, so it’s perfect for traveling! 
•  Safe and gentle bikini shaper and trimmer.
•  Small, compact design for maximum precision, control and comfort.
•  Safe for sensitive skin, it trims and shapes all of your sensitive areas.
•  Better than waxing and shaving – No pain!  No irritation!  No razor bumps!
•  Painless hair removal, the Ultimate Personal Trimmer quickly trims hairs easily in those hard to reach places!

Instructions for Using the Trimmer:
1. Be sure your skin is dry.
2. Apply the Ultimate Shaving Talc or baby powder using a large brush.
3. Pull skin tight (for a closer shave).
4. Hold the Ultimate Personal Trimmer at a 45 degree angle to the skin.
5. Reapply powder as needed.
6. Tip: Skin absorbs water, so always shower or bathe after shaving to moisturize the skin.

Instructions for Cleaning the Trimmer:
To clean the trimmer, begin by removing the battery. Insert a flat screwdriver in the functional end of the unit and gently twist until the unit separates in half. Use a small brush to gently remove any loose particles. Simply snap the halves back together when finished.

Should your item not work or vibrate as expected once batteries are inserted, you should do the following:
1. Re-check your batteries are inserted properly. Positive in the positive terminal and negative in the negative terminal etc.
2. Make sure your batteries are new and that they were all inserted at the same time. Do not use old batteries with new batteries.
3. Check your contact points to ensure they are touching the batteries contact points. They may need minor adjustments. You can do this by pulling them out very gently and by a minimum amount, be careful not to over pull.

NEVER wash the trimmer or unit in water or use it in a place where it is exposed to water splashes.
DO NOT attempt to tamper with the trimmer or unit as it may malfunction or cause injuries.
DO NOT use the Ultimate Personal Trimmer for any  purpose other than shaving your skin.
ALWAYS clean the unit after each use.

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